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Republicans Support Bombing Aladdin's Fake Homeland 30% to 13%

If only we never had a friend like them.

Frequently mischievous pollsters Public Policy Polling is out with a new national poll that could spell bad news for Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, if Donald Trump manages to win the presidency. Fully 41% of Trump supporters support bombing Agrabah, the fictional nation in Disney's blockbuster cartoon, to only 9% who oppose. Things aren't much better when you ask all Republicans:

To put some of these findings about real modern day issues and Trump voters in context, 41% of his voters think Japanese internment was a good thing, to 37% who don't. And 41% of his supporters would favor bombing Agrabah to only 9% who are opposed to doing that. Agrabah is the country from Aladdin. Overall 30% of Republican primary voters say they support bombing it to 13% who are opposed.

Responses from the candidates were varied. Ted Cruz immediately announced his plan to magic carpet bomb them, while Carly Fiorina told the crowd at a rally that her first call as president will be to King Triton. Donald Trump says he expects an endorsement from Jafar any day now.

Before we have too much fun at Republicans' expense (as if there could ever be such a thing), there's this little tidbit:

We asked the same question of Democrats, and 36% of them opposed bombing Agrabah to 19% in support.

Well, at least we're on the right side of fake history. Only Martin O'Malley supporters favored bombing Agrabah, but by a very narrow margin of 39%-35%.