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Your Moment of Jeb: Hillary Clinton Will Do What to Donald Trump?

See? I am relatable to you, human voters.

You can add this to the "Shit Jeb Bus Says" file under the subheading "Things I Wish I'd Never Seen in my Head." During his interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal editorial board, Jeb concluded a riff on Donald Trump with this awkward observation about Trump's general election chances:

"I cannot imagine Donald Trump becoming president because he would never win. He would never win, Hillary Clinton would clean him."

Really, Jeb? Will she have it put the lotion on its skin first?

Update: Okay, now it makes sense:

"He's not electable. He's not a serious candidate, doesn't have serious views and as such would be eaten alive by Hillary Clinton."

Here's hoping someone warns Hillary about the health risks associated with eating improperly-cooked Trump, even if you clean it first.

Sarah Palin's word-association game with Jake Tapper is getting a lot of play, but for some reason, this weird gem has been overlooked:

When asked for his word association for Palin, Martin O'Malley will undoubtedly blurt "Restraining order?"