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President Obama Must Call Our Enemy By Its Name

It's time for Obama to stop worrying about offending people, and start calling our enemy by its name.
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This week, President Obamadelivered a statement about Wednesday's attack in San Bernardino that left 14 people dead, and another 21 wounded; a statement that was conspicuously incomplete. In particular, Obama said of the attack that was carried out by Muslim-American Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, that "we do not know why this terrible event occurred."

Really, Mr. President? Is it that we "don't know," or that you're afraid to say it, for fear of offending people? This latest attack is just another in an endless slaughter of innocents that is being enabled by a president who's more concerned about his image with these people than in protecting the American people. How can a leader, be it President Obama or Hillary Clinton or any of the candidates vying for the job, possibly defeat our enemies and stop the slaughter if he won't even call them by their name?

Obama's defenders will inevitably say that he's trying to avoid painting an overwhelmingly peaceful people with the broad brush of extremism, potentially alienating people whom we need as allies in this fight, but that's just complete garbage. If you're one of the good ones, you're going to know that we're not talking about you, that we're only talking about the extremists who twist your peaceful way of life to murderous ends. If you're really one of the good ones, you'll speak out louder than we do to put a stop to the evil and death.

While its true that the vast majority of these people aren't murderers, they have done little to speak out against the murderers in their midst, and have contributed even less to the actual fight. That's understandable, since despite frequent burnishing of his accomplishments, President Obama's efforts have mostly been for show. Rather than getting mired in this fight, President Obama would rather sail off into the sunset of his legacy.

Here's the problem, though, Mr. President: no matter how gently you coddle these people, no matter how fastidiously you avoid calling them out by name, they are never going to join you, not even the so-called "good ones," because they have only their own interests at heart. Ask them and they'll tell you, even if they don't believe in violent extremism, their aim is still to spread their way of life to every corner of this country.

The President's critics deride him for not having a strategy, but you can have all the plans in the world and it won't do you any good if you don't understand the enemy. Mr. President, we do know why this happened, and it's time you said it out loud.

We are at war with radical gun ownership.

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