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Nicolle Wallace Thinks Obama is a 'Jerk' Who Should Threaten to Level Raqqa

Even by Morning Joe's standards, she is an idiot.
nicolle wallace

Viewers of "liberal" network MSNBC were treated to Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace calling President Obama a "jerk" Wednesday morning because he's mean to people who hate refugees:

He's reduced any rational fear, people don't understand the refugee program and people don't understand how exhaustive the vetting is. He would blame anyone afraid. He called them cowards and said you're afraid of orphans and women. He's been a jerk.

This is just the latest example of a new Republican trick whereby someone criticizes asshole GOP leaders, and then they all pretend the criticism was aimed at everyday Americans. They did it with Hillary's "enemies" moment at the debate, and Wallace is doing it here, referencing what was a clear rebuke by the President of idiots like Chris Christie who flat-out said "NO ORPHANS!"

Earlier in the show, Wallace also made what had to be the very worst segue of all time when Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were lamenting the beating death of an Austrian teenager who joined ISIS, then tried to escape.

"Do you guys watch Homeland?"

As if that transition wasn't painful enough, Wallace goes on to wonder, out loud, why the President of the United States can't just echo the sentiments of a fictional CIA assassin. The Homeland monologue to which she is referring contains the sage advice that we "Hit reset - pound Raqqa into a parking lot," which makes for badass TV dialogue, but probably not the best foreign policy.

All of which leads me to wonder, once again, why anyone ever books Nicolle Wallace to talk about politics. I'm sure she and her partner in crime, Steve Schmidt, are perfectly nice people, but their one and only claim to fame is trying their damnedest to put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the nuclear codes, then after failing spectacularly at that, spending years dining out on their own failure by trashing the person they tried so hard to prop up. Having Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace do political analysis is like bringing in Mrs. O'Leary to do arson investigations.

As for calling Obama a "jerk," it will be interesting to see how MSNBC responds to the eventual outcry, as they did when Mark Halperin called him a "dick." Personally, I'm against speech punishments, but MSNBC deserves to lose the viewers that this will lose them.