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Sarah Palin Says Obama Should Be More Like Putin, Who is Evil

Sometimes you get the feeling Sarah Palin really can see Russia from her house, through some steamed-up binoculars.

While President Obama is taking a beating in the press these days, it might make him feel alittle bit better to know that he's still doing enough right to earn the contempt of the contemptible. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took to Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to promote her new book of Bible word salad, but things took a decidedly un-biblical turn when Palin began gushily praising Vladimir Putin, wishing some certain other leaders would be more like him, and oh, yeah, mentioning that Putin is, in fact, a tad evil. Just check out Palin's look of sitting-on-the-washing-machine rapture while Steve Doocy describes Putin's response to the alleged ISIS bombing of an airliner:

Palin: "And there Putin is doing his job. You know you have to hand it to the man that nobody has to guess whose side he is on. He's putting his people first and doing the right thing and I think that maybe some other leaders could -- kind of learn from some of that that he's exuding that strength (skrength?)"

Kilmeade: "He also assassinates his enemies, so that's the negative side to him."

Palin: "Exactly. I mean that's one thing. Good, bad or ugly, though, you have to give the man some due respect."

Kilmeade: "So do you think we should work with him? Do you think we should work with him? The president has that secret meeting that we all saw take place. Do you think we should go into a triumphant, three-pronged attack against ISIS with France?"

Palin: "I think we have no choice but to do everything possible, everything within our power, and working with 'allies' to get in there and, you know, eradicate the evil. But we have to be vigilant and aware that Putin in many respects is part of some evil. So we have to you know like Reagan's old trust but verify, we have to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to Putin."

I'm starting to get the feeling Sarah Palin really can see Russia from her house, through some steamed-up binoculars.

This isn't the first time that Palin has gotten all hot and bothered about Putin, but she's setting the bar pretty low here. Putin offered a reward for a terrorist. That's almost literally the least he could do. Say what you will about Obama, he kills motherfuckers dead.

Things got weirder and pornier when Elisabeth Hasselbeck explained how she wants Hillary Clinton to "get her mouth around" radical Islam, but listen to how Steve Doocy unwittingly debunked this stupid talking point:

Hasselbeck: "Don't you have to be able to pronounce phonetically what our enemy actually is? And don't you have to name the enemy specifically in order to take action? We have Hillary Clinton who can't even get her mouth around the words of our enemy, and she's asking to be the leader of the free world. We're in trouble."

Palin: "And there is such denial when it comes to what much of these radical MUSLIMS represent and what they believe in, and it's a dangerous position for the people who are being served by our leaders who refuse to identify the enemy. Because obviously, how the heck are you going to go in there and get rid of them?"

Doocy: "She'll call them jihadists. She won't call them radical Islamists, or anything close to that."

Actually, Steve, isn't “radical jihadist ideology” or “jihadi radicalism” or “jihadi extreme terrorism” or “radical jihadis” something close to "radical Islam?" Maybe you'd all be better off asking why Sarah Palin has such an easy time getting her mouth around a guy who is bombing the people we're trying to help.