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54 Must-See Clips From the Fox Business Republican Debate

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Welcome to our coverage of the Fox Business Republican presidential debate from the Milwaukee Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, moderated by FBN hosts Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo, and Wall Street Journal Editor-In-Chief Gerard Baker. After the last debate, Republicans whined about the lack of substance in the questioning, but look for them to expose their own hypocrisy tonight. While the moderators will doubtless try to stick to substance, the candidates will likely try to exploit the vulnerabilities of their rivals. Look for Jeb Bush to veer off into attacks on Marco Rubio, and if he's smart, Donald Trump will try to rattle Ben Carson the way the press did Friday night.

If Ted Cruz is ever going to make a move in the polls, it will be after this debate. Rubio figures to consolidate support from establishment voters, because Jeb Bush was absolutely horrible tonight. Carson and Trump did nothing to hurt themselves. Carly Fiorina talked a lot, but didn't say much. Here are video highlights from the debate, in reverse chronological order:

Donald Trump closing statement

Ben Carson closing statement

Marco Rubio closing statement

Ted Cruz closing statement

Jeb Bush closing statement

Carly Fiorina closing statement

John Kasich closing statement

Rand Paul closing statement

Jeb with the Solyndra reference!

Rand Paul on climate change: moar coal pleaze!

Donald Trump on corporate inversions

Ted Cruz thinks Congress is "exempt" from Obamacare.

Carly still don't give a fuck, blows through two buzzers explaining socialism

Kasich gets lost in the woods slamming Cruz, crowd hates him

Ted Cruz becomes the only one to answer the bailout question: "Absolutely not."

Rubio and Kasich on big banks

Ben Carson again explains how it hurts people to have food that won't kill them

Jeb Bush really doesn't want to say if he'd bail out the banks.

Kasich just killed himself, gave Obama credit for a thing.

Rubio calls Putin a "gangster." Somewhere, Putin's ears are being soothed

Oh, damn, Trump on Fiorina: "Why does she keep interrupting?"

Jeb and Trump argue over Syria. Carly Fiorina slides in to brag about meeting Putin. Carly don't give a fuck, finishes with a "Mambo No. 5" of Middle East contries.

Trump says he got very close with Putin that one time at 60 Minutes Camp

Jeb Bush compares ISIS to INDIANA!

Ben Carson has been talking to generals again, wonder if he got another scholarship

Ben Carson has been talking to generals tommyxtopher

Rand Paul tries to zing Trump by pointing out China isn't in TPP. It fails.

Trump loves trade, hates TPP, says China is going to "back door" us

Pandemonium. Cruz and Fiorina jump on the military spending question nobody asked.

Rubio fights with Rand Paul over military spending

Marco Rubio is proud of his child tax credits that he can't explain how to pay for. Curly calls it "welfare"

Jeb Bush is mad that the jobs his brother lost paid more than the ones Obama rescued the economy with

Ted Cruz does a Rick Perry, names 5 agencies he'd kill, says "commerce" twice

Some dude with a perm makes noises about taxes.

Ben Carson is asked whose tax plan God would endorse. Better question: could God make a knife so strong He couldn't break it?

Carly Fiorina says repeal Obamacare and let the free market take care of people like millionaire cancer patient Carly Fiorina

Ted Cruz on Medicare and "amnesty"

Rubio on the "new American Century"

Jeb thinks he's funny thanking Trump for letting him speak. It's just weak.

Kasich goes after Trump on immigration, Trump goes back at him, Jeb tries to cut in

Donald Trump overjoyed at immigration ruling, still wants to deport everyone

Ben Carson jokes about his biography problems, says he's being 'lied about,' goes #Benghazi

Rand Paul explains how income inequality is the Federal Reserve's fault

Carly Fiorina recites the voter anecdote she memorized

As always, we will have highlights in near-real time for you to enjoy and share, and we look forward to your reactions in the comments.

Oh damn, Jeb Bush shuts Kasich down, whines about getting his time in.

Ted Cruz on his flat tax, regulation, and fiscal policy:


Marco Rubio: 'We need more welders and fewer philosophers.' Not sure who he thinks stigmatizes vocational ed.

Ben Carson also wouldn't raise the minimum wage.

Donald Trump says he would not raise the minimum wage.

Interesting. Marco Rubio wins the #GOPDebate applause primary by a mile.