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Unforced Error: Hillary Clinton Laughs at Voter Who Wants to 'Strangle' Carly Fiorina

This should have been a lay-up.

Now that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders by a mile, and seems to once again have a handle on general election match-ups with Republicans, this is no time to get comfortable. The Republicans still have a stranglehold on the news cycle, so it's more crucial than ever that whatever noise the Democrats can get is positive. That's part of why it was so shocking to see Hillary's reaction to a supporter in New Hampshire who said he wanted to "strangle" Fiorina every time he sees her on TV (as opposed to the rest of us, who can't suppress a laugh). There are two problems, of varying severity, with Hillary's reaction to this:

"Every time I see her on TV I want to reach through and strangle her... I know that doesn't sound very nice..."

"I wouldn't mess with you."

"I can tell when she's lying because her lips are moving. It's ridiculous with this woman. And then to see her say that you're a liar really upsets me."

"Unfortunately, that's the political season we're in."

Now, political event or not, it's just not funny to say you want to strangle a woman, it's gross, so this was the wrong human reaction. The fact that it occurred on camera at a political event, after the political media freaked out when Donald Trump failed to correct a man who said Obama is a Muslim, is just unbelievable.

The second (less egregious but more stubborn) problem is with Hillary saying shit like "that's the political season we're in," a phrase that no one outside of a DC media consultancy would ever utter. Every candidate speaks in boilerplate, to some degree, but that boilerplate should resemble actual human conversation. This is an area in which Bernie Sanders excels, even when he's repetitive.

Republicans will make a buffet out of this for a few days, but it will be worth it if Hillary can come away with those two lessons.