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Ben Carson Says Many Americans Are So Stupid, They'd Vote For Satan

Liberals are attacking Ben Carson for saying the most sensical thing he's ever said.

One of the more strenuous pursuits of this presidential election has been cataloging the many crazy, weird things that Ben Carson says, but several liberal sites are now attacking Carson for saying that "many" Americans are "stupid." Mother Jones' David Corn dug up a clip from Carson's October, 2014 appearance at the Nixon Library, and TPM is blasting it out there, too, with the headline "Ben Carson Wisecracks: Many Americans 'Are Stupid'."

In fairness to Carson, I've added in a few extra seconds of context, but the headlines are pretty much accurate:

"The people are not as stupid as they think they are. Many of them are stupid. Okay. But I'm talking about overall."

This isn't the only time Carson has made sport of Americans' intelligence. In April of 2014, at the 108th Annual Meeting of The Manufacturers' Association, Carson told his audience that a large number of Americans are so dumb, they'd vote for Satan just because they recognized the name:

"A large number of Americans, they go into that voting booth looking for a D, an R, or a name that looks familiar. The name could be Satan, they would say, 'Ah yeah, I recognize that name.' Sometimes it's worse than Satan."

I hate to admit it, but for once, Ben Carson is right, a large number of Americans really are that stupid. According to this poll, as many as 50% of them are ready to elect a guy who thinks sugar pills cured his prostate cancer symptoms. I rest my case.