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Trey Gowdy's Son Posted Vine Video of Himself Singing the N-Word

Well, this shouldn't be a problem at all.
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After watching his 11-hour grilling of Hillary Clinton turn into a comical waste of time, the last thing Trey Gowdy needs is another headache. Unfortunately, sharp-eyed Vine users are sharing a... problematic video that was posted by Gowdy's son, Watson, while he was a student at Clemson University:

"Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce nigga!"

Now, granted, he is using the n-word in the context of singing along to gangsta rap, which is not the same as shouting it at a Klan rally, but it's still against the rules - particularly if it's on a public social media network. Posting this video on a his timeline also demonstrates a serious lack of judgment, especially when his father is a very visible public servant.

Given Trey Gowdy -- a pro-life, anti-gay agent of the 'moral majority' -- is so big on family values, one would think his parenting skills would have extended to stopping his son casually posting racial epithets online.

Of course there are more important things to focus on, like preventing gay marriage,  wasting tax payer's money non-existent scandals, or bringing illegal guns into Washington DC to prove how manly you are.