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No Matter How Many Signatures You Get On Your Petition, NBC Isn't Going To Dump Trump from SNL

Donald Trump is going to host SNL on September 7th. May as well accept it.
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Donald Trump is going to host Saturday Night Live on November 7th. This might seem like old news unless you consider the fact that there are more than a few people who don't want to see Donald Trump host Saturday Night Live on November 7th and they're now making their voices heard in pretty big ways. But make no mistake: Donald Trump is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 7th.

NBC knew full well what it was getting itself into when it gave Trump the honor earlier this month and, to be completely honest, the network couldn't give less of a damn whether you're unhappy with its decision. Think Donald Trump is a loudmouthed orangutan whose face is practically crying out for the addition of a fist? Well, he is. But that's precisely why NBC is putting him on television next month. The network knows that a Trump shit-show will translate into big numbers for SNL, which means the NBC suits are counting on your animosity toward Trump to drive the ratings through the roof. The network knows this, Trump knows this, and you may as well get it through your head too.

Over the past week or so,, the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts and various concerned citizens have all banded together to try to strong-arm NBC into rethinking the Trump episode of SNL. A petition started by both groups working in conjunction with one another currently has 127,000 signatures on it. The petition says that that 150,000 signatures are needed, although what that arbitrary goal will accomplish who the hell knows, since it doesn't matter if 150,000 people sign it or 500,000 people sign it, public outrage only makes the prospect of a Trump-hosted SNL that much more enticing.

Now certainly Donald Trump shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Saturday Night Live. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near any NBC show. Remember that just back in August, NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt didn't mince words about whether Trump would be returning for The Celebrity Apprentice next season, largely because back in June NBC officially cut all ties -- supposedly -- with Trump over his comments about Mexicans early in his ridiculous presidential campaign. Since that whole tie-cutting thing, though, Trump has appeared on The Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon predictably went for the hackiest joke possible, doing his Trump impression opposite the real Trump. When numbers and money is on the line, those ties can pretty easily be tied back together if need be.

Thus we have Trump getting the chance to humanize himself and even get a bump in the polls by taking the reins of one of NBC's most storied properties. The only thing that could stop this runaway train of stupid is an all-out boycott by SNL's talent, and, let's face it, the kids on SNL would be idiots to risk their dream gig in the name of standing up for their ideals. So, yeah, barring a miracle -- Trump's gonna be on SNL next month. The only thing you can do to teach NBC a lesson at this point is not watch.