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Evil Camerawoman Now Suing Fleeing Migrant She Kicked

The world's worst human being just got even worse.
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Back in September of 2015, photographer Petra László, who was working for the far right Hungarian news station N1TV, was caught tripping Syrian refugees trying to flee from the police in the village of Röszke, a border hotspot.

László was caught tripping a teenage boy, a man carrying a small child (who fell from the trip), and also kicking a little girl holding her father’s hand. Initially, László apologized for her horrific behavior, but has now decided to sue one of the migrant she kicked, Osama Abdul Mohsen, because "he changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police." Reports the Telegraph:

The Hungarian camerawoman who sparked international outrage when she was caught on film last month tripping a refugee carrying a child now says she plans to sue her victim.

Petra Laszlo appeared to intentionally kick two young refugees before tripping Osama Abdul Mohsen, a Syrian refugee who was holding his young son at the time.....

She has now told a Russian newspaper she will sue Mr Mohsen, whom she accuses of altering his testimony to the police investigating her. She also says she will sue Facebook for allegedly refusing to remove threatening content directed at her.

According to László, she was inspired to sue Mohsen - who has had a rather fortunate turn of events having been offered a position in a Spanish football academy as a trainer - because her husband believes it is a "matter of honor."

Unfortunately for László and her "honor" the footage of László tripping Mohsen and his son speaks for itself:

László will sue Mohsen after her own trial concludes.