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White People Problems: Republican Candidates Whine About Debate Greenrooms

This is a serious election about serious issues, so why does Carly Fiorina get a Jacuzzi?

Here's a little appetizer to get you ready for Wednesday night's third Republican presidential debate. With all the serious issues facing our nation, the Republican candidates gathered at the University of Colorado Boulder, the site of tonight's debate, to whine about their candidates' respective greenrooms. From Politico:

During a tense 30-minute meeting at the Coors Event Center, which was described by three sources present, several lower-polling campaigns lashed out at the RNC. They accused the committee of allotting them less-than-hospitable greenroom spaces while unfairly giving lavish ones to higher-polling candidates, such as Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

The drama began Tuesday afternoon as RNC officials led campaigns on a walk-through of the debate site. After touring the stage, candidates got a peek at what their greenrooms looked like.

Trump was granted a spacious room, complete with plush chairs and a flat-screen TV. Marco Rubio got a theater-type room, packed with leather seats for him and his team of aides. Carly Fiorina’s room had a Jacuzzi.

Here's a tweet comparing Carly Fiorina's room with what can only be described as the hospital janitorial closet they gave to Rand Paul:

Senator Paul got an upgrade, eventually, but there's no word on how Chris Christie is getting on.

One person who seems to have a healthy perspective on greenrooms is Ben Carson Press Secretary Deana Bass, who, despite working for an absolute freakshow of a candidate, posted this thoroughly charming and suspenseful look at her candidate's greenroom, from her Periscope account:

I say eat the cookies.

As first-world problems go, the quality of one's greenroom ranks right up there with the politeness of your sommelier, but having said that, CNBC's greenroom game is pretty weak. Cookies and Klif bars? Cable news remote studios have better spreads than that. They need to call Roland Martin, his TV One greenroom is hooked up.

So as you watch tonight's debate, keep in mind that Carly Fiorina had a Jacuzzi, and Chris Christie had what his campaign described as "a restroom," and factor that into your judging.