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Hillary Clinton's performance at Thursday's House Select Committee on Benghazi seems almost too good to be true. Legitimate news organizations have unanimously concluded that Hillary owned, but if you're sitting around thinking "Is it just me, or did Hillary completely kick that Benhgazi hearing's ass?", have no fear. It's not just you.

Almost immediately afterwards, there was this response from committee chairman Trey Gowdy (which is French for "very Gowdy"), when asked what new information was learned on Thursday:

If you don't trust your own glee or Trey Gowdy's overly-honest reaction, then consider Fox and Friends Saturday's own highlight reel. After a superbly butthurt introduction that decried the "snippets" and "fawning hosts sucking up to" Hillary, Tucker Carlson rolled out this "montage," which he promised would "fill it out" a little more:

I'm not sure which is funnier, the fact that their highlight montage for an 11-hour hearing was exact;y 22 seconds long, or Tucker Carlson's forced Scott Evil laugh because a microphone didn't work. Unfortunately, Kilmeade wasn't around to wonder if Obama cut that mic.

So there you have it, it's not just you. The Republicans put all their eggs into one basket Thursday, then made the world's most useless Denver omelet with them.

Bonus: Here's the gang whining about the unanimous victory the media has granted Hillary, along with Tucker Carlson's prescription for Republican victory - don't do anything in public: