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Donald Trump Becomes First Person On TV Ever to Blame Bush For 9/11

This used to get you canceled off MSNBC.

Donald Trump Becomes First Person On TV Ever to Blame Bush For 9/11:

It shouldn't be news that Trump said this, what should be news is that the interviewer, Stephanie Ruhle, jumped to say "Hold on! You can't blame George Bush for that." Whatever you think Bush's culpability is, it definitely happened on his watch, and if it was Obama we were talking about, he'd already have been impeached on 9/12. What's really remarkable is that no mainstream news personality ever has tried to intimate that George W. Bush bears any responsibility whatsoever for the attack, in even the most limited sense.

Jeb Bush took it all very badly:

We were attacked AND W. kept us safe? Is that like "jumbo shrimp" or "military intelligence?"

I guess Trump remembers "the rubble" after all, huh, Jeb?

Why does it take Donald Trump to say something so obvious, and even then, the MSNBC panel clutches their pearls like he just asked them to "please pass the jelly." Blame or no blame, George W. Bush was responsible, he was the president, and he did not keep us safe, that day or thereafter! In addition to 9/11 and the many other terrorist attacks on George W. Bush's watch, there's the small matter of the Iraq War he led us into under false pretenses. Remember that rubble?

Yet even liberals like Vox's Matty Yglesias fret that Trump's observation was in "poor taste." It's really sad that it takes Donald Trump to say that a president is responsible for what happens under his watch. Well, a white president, anyway. I dare you to find anything that Vox and Fox don't think is Obama's fault. Even on All In, Chris Hayes felt compelled to call out Trump's "offensive tone" in breaking this obvious, completely true, and actually quite-gently-delivered news. This is why we have to try twice as hard to get half the wins. We are our own oppressors.