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Quote of the Day: Marco Rubio is the Most Dynamic Speaker Since Abraham Lincoln

Yes, somebody said that out loud.

There's dumb shit, and then there's duuumb shit. The latter category was owned by radio host Hugh Hewitt Friday morning when he told an incredulous world that Marco Rubio is the most "dynamic" Republican speaker evar, or at least since Abraham Lincoln, giving Joe Scarborough the rare opportunity to be right about something.

As dumb as that was, what I really love are Hewitt's examples:

Hewitt: "Marco Rubio may be the most dynamic speaker the republican Party has seen, ever. Since Lincoln, and we didn't have mass media back then."

Scarborough: "When I see Marco speaking, I see a guy that's running for student government."

...Hewitt: "I will give you two examples. At the Orange County Flag Day in 2013 at the Alliance Defending Freedom in Florida in 2014, not only did he get standing ovations from Republican crowds, the waitstaff came out of the kitchen and lined the walls to watch him."

The Gettysburg Address, the second inaugural, the 2013 Orange County Flag Day? Sure, Hugh, I can see the Ken Burns documentary now. It was brother against brother on the refreshment line at the Lake Butler VFW hall, and only one man could quell the chaos...