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Mike Huckabee Literally Went Insane During The Democratic Debate

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Republican Party.
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Presidential no-hoper Mike Huckabee occupies a very odd niche in the American political system. Popular enough with Christian fundamentalists to be a moderate force in conservative circles, Huckabee uses his credibility as a good ol' boy doin' the work of the Good Lord to keep himself relevant. Huckabee isn't an idiot and knows he won't ever make it to the White House, but his schtick enables him to sell lots of books to his intellectually challenged supporters - his latest, "Guns, Grits and Gravy" being the perfect example of his cynical little racket.

Huckabee has to chuck enough red meat at his audience to keep them entertained, but last night the former Arkansas governor truly went off the rails with a series of racist, idiotic tweets that show Huckabee may actually be as stupid as his supporters.

Here was Huckabee, a man who almost ate himself to death, ridiculing marijuana legalization:

Because of course Huckabee is the man to lecture the public on what to put in their bodies...

Then, Huckabee compared Bernie Sander's proposal to make college free to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme - a rather odd analogy given one uses tax dollars to educate the next generation like every other industrialized nation on the planet, and the other steals money from people to make rich criminals even richer:

Then, there was this racist gem:

Huckabee then reframed racism in biblical terms, because as a white southern male he obviously knows better than anyone that skin color has nothing to do with prejudice:

Continuing his theme that racism doesn't exist, Huckabee proceeded to blame black people for their disproportionate deaths by law enforcement officers and not understanding that "All Lives Matter":

And if you were wondering what Huckabee's policies were to stop the relentless gun massacres plaguing America, here it is:

Then, Huckabee - a man whose tax proposal is so stupid Fox News called bullshit on it - went after Sanders on his plans to redistribute wealth more fairly in America:

And finally, Huckabee likened the gravest threat facing humanity to getting a sunburn. Yes, seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Republican Party.