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Website Finds That Donald Trump's Supporters Can't Do Grammar Good

Those supporting Republican candidates in general are pretty bad at grammar.... at least on Facebook

You probably haven't thought to ask yourself, "Which presidential candidate's supporters have the worst grammar?" But if you had, there's a solid chance you would've picked Donald Trump. And you would've been right.

After all, the current GOP frontrunner recently told Values Voter Summit attendees that as president, when it comes to international trade, "I'm going to do so good."

Grammarly, the online grammar-checking service, published a blog post on Tuesday ranking the grammar and spelling chops of 14 Republican and five Democratic candidates. Using algorithms to trawl supportive comments at least 15 words long on each candidate's Facebook page, Grammarly found that Trump supporters made an average of 12.6 mistakes for every 100 words they wrote. Coming in second worst with 11.5 were supporters of Rick Santorum, a man who probably doesn't believe in grammar because it's older than what he thinks the age of the Earth is.

On average, supporters of Republican candidates made more than twice as many grammar mistakes per 100 words (8.7) than backers of Democrats (4.2). This is likely because grammar has a notorious liberal bias.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.49.07 PM

Infographic: Grammarly

By the way, the previous two paragraphs had a combined 111 words. Now imagine if I had committed nine mistakes in them.

Me not smart!

Democrats can rejoice at the fact that the five candidates whose supporters made the least grammar mistakes are Democrats, while the bottom 14 are Republicans. (To be fair, Hillary Clinton supporters and Carly Fiorina supporters tied for the fifth fewest mistakes with 6.3.)

The candidate whose supporters committed the fewest grammar (3.1) mishaps is Lincoln Chafee, though this will comes as little consolation for the former Rhode Island governor who's polling at 1%. Those feeling the Bern came in third with 3.7.

Of course, this survey doesn't necessarily mean that those who support Democratic candidates are better at writing Facebook comments than those who support Republicans. It just means that those who support Democratic candidates and have time to write comments on Facebook are better at writing Facebook comments than those who support who Republicans and have time to write comments on Facebook.

Then again, given the collective amount of time Americans spend dicking around on Facebook, this may be a distinction without a difference.

Here's the field:

1. Lincoln Chafee (D): 3.1

2. Jim Webb (D): 3.4

3. Bernie Sanders (D): 3.7

4. Martin O'Malley (D): 4.7

5. Hillary Clinton (D): 6.3

5. Carly Fiorina (R): 6.3

7. Ben Carson (R): 6.6

8. Lindsey Graham (R): 7.2

8 George Pataki (R): 7.2

10. Ted Cruz: (R) 7.3

11. John Kasich (R): 7.7

12. Jeb Bush (R): 7.9

13. Mike Huckabee (R): 8.0

14. Bobby Jindal (R): 8.2

15. Chris Christie (R): 8.3

16. Rand Paul (R): 8.4

17. Marco Rubio (R): 8.8

18. Rick Santorum (R): 11.5

19. Donald Trump (R): 12.6

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