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Watch: Every question from President Obama's press conference

Update: Here's the Jeb Bush "stuff happens" remark that President Obama was asked about:

And here's President Obama's reaction:

Opening remarks on resignation of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan:

Before taking questions, President Obama made a brief statement on the economy, and drew a line in the sand on the sequester:

First question: Russia and Syria. Assad "must transition." Paging #CaitlynJenner?

Followup to ISIS question:

President Obama reacts to Jeb Bush's "Stuff happens" remark, and calls on Americans to change the politics around gun control:

President Obama says he won't bargain on the debt ceiling:

Pete Alexander asks @POTUS if he can stop angry lunatics with "bully pulpit." POTUS: "No." It's the guns, stupid.

@POTUS laughs at the "Putin STRONG!" narrative:

Major Garrett asks @POTUS if Hillary Clinton's no-fly zone idea is "half-baked":

POTUS says he loves Joe Biden, and he loves Pope Francis: