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The Idiots at PETA are Accusing President Obama of being "Speciesist" -- Yes, "Speciesist"

This kind of shit is why Donald Trump has a following.
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It's gotta be tough for PETA these days. They used to be hands-down the most lunatic faction in the activist game, ranting about how Pokemon glorifies violence against animals, how the killer of Cecil the Lion should be hanged, how seeing-eye dogs should be banned, and how the true tragedy of animals occasionally being used in suicide bombings is that the animals die. But the rise of the Tumblr generation and its litany of clever buzzwords and juvenile grievances over every little goddamn thing has made PETA an also-ran in that world, no more relevant than any other group started by people who are now older than 23. When there are suddenly several dozen new "-isms" within the sphere of identity politics to accuse people of on social media, what can PETA do anymore to get attention.

It can add maybe the most absurd "-ism" of all.

And so we get the tear that PETA went on mid-Monday afternoon on Twitter in which the group accused President Obama of being "speciesist" for taking part in an upcoming episode of Running Wild, the reality show hosted by survivalist and avowed urine-drinker Bear Grylls. In keeping with PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk's belief that the life of an ant is worth as much as that of a human being, PETA apparently feels that anyone who thinks otherwise -- in other words, anyone fucking sane -- is guilty of a societal ill it calls "speciesism," which I have to assume is discrimination along the lines of racism and so on.


This. This kind of shit is why Donald Trump has a following.