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Laughing My Way Through a Debate With Conservatives

Watch Ben Cohen laugh his way through a debate with some batshit crazy conservatives.
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I was on the Thom Hartman show last night (guest hosted by Sam Sacks) and got into it with my old pals Horace Cooper, Senior Fellow-National Center For Public Policy Research, and Neil McCabe, political reporter for the One America News Network.

It was an entertaining show and we debated Bernie Sander's lead over Hillary in Iowa, the Senate Democrats vote to secure the Iran deal, the smearing of the Black Lives Matter movement, and whether the GOP will shut down the government over Planned Parenthood. Sadly, throughout the debate both McCabe and Cooper insisted on ignoring reality and using their own facts to argue the impossible (violence against the police is going up, even though the statistics state the complete opposite!).

It got so ridiculous at points that Sam and I had to simply laugh at what they were saying. Either way, despite the somewhat erratic nature of conversation, we covered some interesting issues. Debate starts at the 3.30 mark: