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All is Not Well in Glenn Beck Land, Claims Mysterious Forces Pitting Him Against Sarah Palin

All is not well in loony conservative land when the two biggest clowns in the movement turn on each other.
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All is not well in loony conservative land when the two biggest clowns in the movement turn on each other. Fresh off a bat shit crazy rally in DC to derail Obama's Iran deal, Glenn Beck turned nasty on his former friend Sarah Palin calling her a "clown" on his radio show and stating that he was "embarrassed I was once for Sarah Palin." This apparently stems from Palin supporting Donald Trump, a man Beck believes is actually a progressive in disguise.

"Yeah, I'm going to say it," he said. "I don't care what Sarah Palin has to say anymore."

Here's the clip:

Hours later, things got even stranger. Beck took to his website to issue an apology and a weird explanation as to why he lashed out at Palin. Here are some of the key parts that outline the strange history between them and their relationship to Donald Trump.

His apology to Palin:

I stand by all of my comments on Sarah Palin EXCEPT when I called her a clown. It was unkind, childish and wrong of me to name-call. What I should have said is this: I don’t know what she really believes. I don’t think she is who I thought she was and haven’t for some time. When I saw her interview Donald Trump on her TV show I was stunned. Not that she interviewed him, but that she agreed with him and backs him.

On when Palin stopped talking to him:

I haven’t had a relationship with Sarah since about the time of the shooting of Gabby Giffords. Nothing to do with that at all, but it was around that time that she withdrew from me and my team and it was because, as Todd told me on the phone, “we have been told who our real friends are.” I was stunned. I had backed her hard in every way I knew how. At that time I really believed in her and in fact I really believed she had the ability to change the world for the better.

On the mysterious characters who are trying to divide them, and being "told" things about them:

While I have reached out since, we have not spoken in an any meaningful way since. I don’t know what they were told or by whom, but I can guess, as it most likely was the same person that tried to drive a stake through my relationship with Mark Levin and Sean Hannity and did for several years. Thank God, I finally reached out to them, because I had been “told” things about them and they were the same lies that they were told about me.

On Donald Trump being a progressive:

I do not understand her position and love of Trump. He is clearly a progressive, not a small government constitutionalist. He was for the bailouts, he is for the idea that the government can just take private land from someone and give it to someone else because they will pay more taxes. Shameful. There are so many warning signs, policy wise, that the size of the list is frankly shocking.

On Trump being a nasty, narcissistic bully and wannabe dictator (like Obama apparently):

But he is also a bully, sexist, cruel, an ego-manic and narcissist in ways that make Barack Obama seem like Saint Francis. He is so thin-skinned that he destroys anyone who crosses him. It should be noted that this is a trait held by some of the 20th century’s greatest dictators and absolutely NOT something that I find comforting in a president.

On the true source of Beck's anger (and don't worry if it makes no sense to you - it's because it doesn't make any sense):

My – unrighteous – anger came from her speech at the Iran rally. I am at a point that I cannot see past the dying children at the hands of ISIS, and I truly believe that we are at a point of no return with God if we don’t act now to stand for His principles. I heard her speech after Donald’s speech – his WAS a clown show – and I couldn’t believe that this is how we are dealing with this issue. This was wrong of me. Who do I think I am by thinking that everyone should see this issue the same way or adopt the same approach? It was wrong of me, but because I know she is religious – in a very real way – I again expected more from her.

The rest of Beck's incoherent ramble can be read on his site, but it is difficult to decipher what he is actually talking about. Taken as a whole, the general gist of Beck's displeasure goes something like this:

Mysterious, malevolent people have "told" Beck about things, the same things "told" to Sarah Palin and Todd about him. This was apparently very bad. Donald Trump is a progressive who is a bully, like Obama. Sarah Palin supports Trump, so therefore is supporting the progressive agenda (and therefore supports Obama). Beck can't take this because of the dying children in Iraq, and something to do with God and standing for 'His' principles. Sarah Palin is not adopting Beck's approach, so she isn't a clown, but was part of "a clown show." But Beck is very sorry, so everything should be OK now.

Or in other words, Glenn Beck is still crazy and Sarah Palin is still an idiot.