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The Election of Jeremy Corbyn, the Rise of Bernie Sanders and a New Era of Hope

Watch Ben Cohen discuss the politics of hope with Thom Hartmann.
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I was on the Thom Hartmann show last night with Ari Rabin-Havt, the progressive host of 'The Agenda' on SiriusXM to discuss the election of Jeremy Corbyn and the rise of Bernie Sanders. Sans lunatic conservatives ranting on about Obama's communism etc, we had a productive discussion about what Corbyn's election and the rise of his counterpart in the US, Bernie Sanders means for global politics.

It was difficult for any of us to contain our delight that candidates like Corbyn and Sanders are now viable, and we all agreed that this marks a seismic shift both politically and consciously. The rise of normal, humane politicians doesn't solve our problems automatically, but it shows people are sick and tired of the status quo, and are willing to defy conventions in order to make serious change.

There is still a long way to go though, and the left would do well to not get overly excited about politicians like Corbyn and Sanders. Politics is dirty work, and while noble characters can get elected into office, maintaining power and affecting change is a completely different ballgame.

Either way it is still cause for hope, however cautious it may be.