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Joe Biden Is Beating Bernie Sanders Without Even Trying

While the media chases the "troubled Hillary Clinton campaign" narrative, what dies it say that Joe Biden is beating Bernie Sanders without even trying?

The narrative of the troubled Hillary Clinton campaign has reached peak media wattage this week, buttressed by continued coverage of Senator Bernie Sanders' surging popularity in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, but a new poll  out this week also demonstrates the weakness of Sanders' upstart candidacy.

While Sanders took a seven-point lead in New Hampshire several weeks ago, a new poll out this week has him in front of Hillary Clinton by 11 points, 49% to 38%, and now trails Clinton in Iowa by only 11 points, down from 29 points in the last Marist poll. Sanders' climb has been vigorously hyped for months by a mainstream media whose goal is to make Hillary Clinton's life miserable, but a new Monmouth University poll shows the holes in the Good Ship Berniementum's hull, and even worse news for Sanders should that rumored Biden/Warren co-ticket materialize:


While non-candidate Biden makes gains

West Long Branch, NJ – Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic field has shrunk over the past month, mainly due to increased support for a candidate who isn’t even in the race. The latest national Monmouth University Poll of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters shows Joe Biden’s support rising as speculation swirls around his potential entry into the race. The poll also found that the prospect of a Biden-Elizabeth Warren ticket appeals to many Bernie Sanders voters.

Hillary Clinton currently has the support of 42% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters nationwide, which is down from 52% just one month ago. Joe Biden (22%) and Bernie Sanders (20%) are practically tied for second. This represents an increase of 10 points in Biden’s support since August and a 4 point rise for Sanders over the same span.

The media takeaway is that Biden is sucking support away from Hillary, but just how durable is Berniementum if it can be eclipsed by a guy who's not even in the race? In that same poll, both Hillary and Biden smoke Sanders in approval among Democrats, with Biden slightly ahead of Clinton. A full 63% of Democrats say they're either "somewhat likely," "very likely," or already voting for Biden should he announce a run, and 23% say they'd be more likely to vote for Joe if they knew Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be on the ticket.

The fact is that Bernie Sanders leading in New Hampshire has always been about as surprising as Satan carrying West Hell, and his strong showing in Iowa, contrasted with his weak national numbers, simply reinforces the fact that despite a good late effort, Sanders' appeal remains within a narrow, mostly-white coalition. Biden and Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, have a much more diverse base of support, making Biden a much greater threat to Hillary than Bernie Sanders.

It also shows what passes for a "threat" in the media's coverage of the Democratic primary, where Hillary Clinton leads by a greater margin than media god Donald Trump does in any poll, anywhere.