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Letter From a Donald Trump Fan

This is the type of thinking we need in America!
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In response to Bob Cesca's post on Donald Trump supporters being verifiable racists and idiots, we received the following email from a vitriolic Trump fan:

Bob Cesca is the idiot.
Trump has black supporters and black bodyguards.
Why would racists support a man who allows that?
Many supporters are remnants of the Tea Party movement.
Libertarians know a thing or two about economics.
What does Bob Cesca know about economics?
Very little, I bet.
Cesca is just bitter and jealous.
Trump made something out of his life,
something that Bob Cesca will never do.
He needs to get a life.

Donald Trump has black bodyguards so therefore he cannot be a racist. This is the type of thinking we need in America!

Bob was understandably very upset about this. Despite being a nationally recognized writer for several prominent publications, a published author and a very talented cartoonist, Bob recognizes that he is in fact a jealous idiot. Thankfully we have Trump supporters to point it out to him.