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This Awesomely Brutal Review of The Fantastic Four Almost Makes the Whole Movie Worth It

Spoiler alert: It sucks.
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A few weeks back most of the planet was introduced to YouTube movie critic MovieBob and since then I have to admit that I await his wrath like a kid awaits Christmas morning. MovieBob's brilliantly hilarious and ultra-profane evisceration of the Adam Sandler disaster Pixels probably qualified as the best movie review of all time, so it's great to see him back for another go-round, this time with the even bigger disaster that is The Fantastic Four.

The non-Marvel reboot died a painful death with audiences over the weekend and critics savaged it to the point where poor director Josh Trank had to disown it in an effort to save his once-promising career. But no critic can attack a film with more verve than MovieBob and maybe his take on it -- blistering, clever and dizzyingly nimble -- sums up better than anyone else's just how badly the Fantastic Four reboot failed in every possible way. Let this be the last word. Or the last several thousand.