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This is What Insane Liberalism Looks Like

Good fucking Lord.
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If you've been following events here at the Banter over the past couple of days, you will have noticed an epic bust up between myself and some people in the #BlackLivesMatter movement over the behavior of Marissa Janae Johnson and Mara Jacqeline Willaford, the women who stormed Bernie Sander's rally in Seattle last weekend.

I went on the Huff Post Live to debate the issue, and was attacked by pretty much everyone after a quote from my article condemning the self described 'agitators' was read out. I was somewhat dismayed by the selective quoting, but it was a good discussion and I think the other guest made some good point. However, feminist writer Jamie Utt continued the debate afterwards and we got into it over twitter.

I wasn't going to bring this up, but given he has now called me a racist misogynist on multiple occasions, some background information on Utt seems more than appropriate. While waiting to go on the show, myself, Utt (a white male) and student activist Aleidra Allen (a black woman) were on google hangout chatting with the producers. At one point, it seemed that Jamil Smith, an editor at The New Republic (who is black), was not going to make it to the studio. Utt g-chatted the producers the following warning:

Is Jamil Smith still joining the call?I think it's a bit problematic if he isn't on the call to have two White men and one Black woman. This is the accountability balance I was discussing.

I saved the chat because I couldn't quite believe what I was reading. After the show, it all made sense. Utt is the literal archetype of a


liberal - a white person so obsessed with his own guilt that he believes the discussion of ideas are not legitimate unless there are strict racial and gender quotas.

After needling me on twitter, I offered to have an email debate that we could publish on our respective sites. Here's how he responded:

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Utt, a white man who deemed his opinion on the issue of the Black Lives Matter movement important enough to go on a live show to discuss it in front of hundreds of thousands of people, now would not discuss the issue with another white man because he felt the entire premise would be racist in of itself. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to liberalism in America.

Utt's comical combination of liberal guilt, narcissism and intellectual preening has rendered him incapable of communicating as a human being, forcing him to exist in a never ending vortex of self induced extreme political correctness. What must Utt's day to day life be like?

"Sorry, I can't buy my groceries here because of imbalanced ratio of transgendered to cisgendered employees and your racist placement darker colored fruits on the lower shelves."

Good fucking Lord.