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Ray Tensing Aggressively Interrogated Two Black Men For Supposed Traffic Violation in 2014

What a surprise.
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Well, what do you know - Ray Tensing, the officer who callously blew a whole in a black man's head for attempting to drive away from him was involved in another aggressive traffic stop with two black men back in May of 2014. Sexton Henley and Demetrius Pace were stopped by Tensing for driving with a dragging bumper, and ordered to step out of the car for refusing to give their date of birth when being questioned. Pace, rightfully believing he was being harassed, recorded the exchange:

Here's a transcript of the exchange (via the Root):

Tensing: I need your name ...

Pace: Demetrius.

Tensing: Your date of birth.

Pace: I'm not giving you that.

Tensing: OK, if you refuse to identify yourself, we have a charge ...

Pace: What's the charge?

Tensing: Refusing to identify—you have to provide ...

Pace: I told you my name.

Tensing: Why do you keep interrupting me? You asked me a question.

The officer then asked Pace to get out of the car.

Pace: What's the charge?

Tensing: Step out of the car.

Pace: What am I stepping out of the car for?

Tensing: Because I asked you to.

Pace: What am I stepping out of the car for?

Tensing: Step out of the car.

Pace and Henley were under no legal obligation to give their information to Tensing, and had the right to leave given they were not under arrest and had not been informed of any charge being brought against them. Tensing's demand that Pace (who was not driving) exit the car was totally unwarranted given he wasn't being threatened in any way.

Of course it is impossible to say with certainty that Tensing stopped the two men because of their skin color, but given his recent behavior, it isn't exactly a stretch.