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Monty Python's Warning to Liberal Activists

The Monty Python boys had it right.
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monty python

In the never ending battle to see which racial/gender/religious/sexual-identity group has the right to the most outrage in America, the real victim in all of this is progressive politics in general. As Black Lives Matter people do battle with white progressives, Third Wave Feminists do battle with the Post Feminists, Hillary Clinton supporters get into it with Bernie Sanders supporters, and intersectionalists squabble over which systems of oppression impact which oppressed people the most, the right in America is laughing all the way to every branch of government.

As Chez Pazienza put it earlier this week:

Liberals love their pet issues and outrages so much that they tunnel their vision until there’s simply nothing else — and they’ll go to war when their babies aren’t properly attended to. All this while conservatives, despite a few hiccups, would follow each other into hell if it means they get to raise their own flag there.

This week, I have been labeled a white supremacist and a misogynist and accused of disrespecting black women, all because I disagreed with the tactics of the women who stormed and shouted Bernie Sanders off the stage in Seattle last weekend, and had the gall to call them idiots. According to the main agitator Marissa Johnson, who called the Sanders supporters 'white supremacists', the fact that they got offended proved her point.

"I would say that anybody who hears me say that, and thinks about their feelings first, is a white supremacist," Johnson told 'This Week in Blackness'.

Because of course her feelings about whatever issue she happens to be promoting are more important than anything else.

This unbridled venom directed towards people who broadly agree with you is about as productive as chopping your team mates foot off in a championship final because he/she didn't pass the ball using the correct technique. With Donald Trump leading the charge to bring real racism and misogyny into the White House in 2016, the stakes really could not be higher.

If you haven't seen Monty Python's 'Life of Brian', this hilarious scene highlights the phenomenon of political activists reserving their greatest scorn for their natural allies, rather than of course, their natural enemies:

While vicious infighting tactics might seem logical in the short term, they are clearly completely irrational when taking a broader perspective. There's a long way to go till 2016, and if progressives want to get a Democrat into the White House, ripping each other to pieces really isn't the best way to go about it.