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Michelle Malkin Calls President Obama a 'Race Hustler' For His Birthday

How lovely of her.
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You have to give it to Michelle Malkin - the woman really does know how to inject and unholy amount of venom into the public discourse. President Obama celebrated his 54th birthday yesterday and rather than, you know, shut the hell up about it, Malkin decided to celebrate the President's day of birth by posting a photo of him and Rev. Al Sharpton and calling them race hustlers:

Malkin isn't exactly know for her intellectual acumen or literary flair, so you do have to at least give her credit for making her insult rhyme.

As for the charge, you'd be hard pressed to find a time where Obama didn't assiduously avoid the topic of race in America, only mentioning it on very rare occasions and in times of national crises. But then this is Michelle Malkin we're talking about - a woman so dedicated to hate that she wrote a 750 word column calling Obama's aunt a lazy welfare queen days after she died from cancer.

How lovely of her.