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Joe Scarborough Thinks Only White Journalists Are Famous

Just how white is Joe Scarborough's worldview? He thinks Jorge Ramos got himself ejected from Donald Trump's press conference so he could get famous, when Ramos anchors a news broadcast that reaches more Hispanic viewers than all three network news shows combined.

On Wednesday's Morning Joe, there was more dick on display than at Ron Jeremy's Hall of Mirrors, as host Joe Scarborough excoriated Univision anchor Jorge Ramos for getting his uppity Mexican ass ejected from Donald Trump's Iowa press conference Tuesday night. Apparently, Scarborough is as unfamiliar with the concept of respected non-white journalists, or of journalism in general.

In case you missed it, Trump began his presser by introducing Rick Perry ship-jumper Sam Clovis, and in between Clovis' brief appearance and Trump's retaking of the podium, Jorge Ramos tried to get a question in. Here's how that went:

After several reporters pressed Trump for ejecting Ramos (the mysterious "security" guy who took Ramos out was Trump's bodyguard, Keith Schiller), the candidate relented, and allowed Ramos to return, and actually spent a combined eight minutes or so trading blows with him:

Those reporters really saved Trump's bacon, because by allowing Ramos to fire questions at him, Trump transformed the incident from a narrow win with his hardcore racist base into an exchange that instantly gave every white male Republican in the country a 95-story gold-plated boner. This will give him at least a five-point bump, guaranteed.

As one of those reporters put it, Jorge Ramos is one of the top journalists in the country, yet Joe Scarborough decided to repeatedly trash Ramos for trying to gain "15 minutes of fame" by grilling Trump, and a few minutes later, put an exclamation point on his contempt for the Univision anchor:

"This is a very big moment for him. This is his 15 minutes of fame. And you can be shocked and stunned and deeply saddened at his immigration policy, but if I'm holding a press conference and you saw a guy trying to get his 15 minutes of fame the night before, you know, and pretending he was Walter Cronkite...

"But, Kacie, as a reporter, what do you think about another -- I'll put it in quotation marks right now. Another 'reporter' giving a speech while the rest of you just watch and turning a press conference into a grand spectacle?"

Yes, Joe Scarborough just accused a reporter of turning a Donald Trump press conference into "a grand spectacle," which is like telling a guy at a fireworks show to quit distracting you with his Bic lighter.

Joe Scarborough's perception of America is so twisted by white privilege that he actually thinks Jorge Ramos got a big break when he appeared on CNN, a network whose ratings are dwarfed by Ramos' own viewership. Worse than that, though, he accused a man who has been a journalist for over 30 years, who anchors the news for a network whose ratings routinely eclipse those of the English-language broadcast networks, whose newscast draws more Hispanic viewers than the Big 3 newscasts combined, who is a household name in much of the world, of trying to grab "15 minutes of fame" by pulling the extraordinary stunt of doing his job.