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#BlackLivesMatter Activist Who Shouted Down Bernie Sanders Was a Sarah Palin Supporter

Well this is embarrassing.
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Well, this doesn't look good for Marissa Janae Johnson, the activist who disrupted a Bernie Sanders rally over the weekend in order to call his supporters racist and white supremacists. In a post on facebook page, the "Radical Christian Mullatinist"  (whatever that is) revealed she was at one point a Sarah Palin supporter:


To be fair, there is no indication as to whether she still is a Sarah Palin supporter, and having silly political beliefs in high school is certainly forgivable. However, it does give further insight into the type of person who would demand a man like Sanders, who lost half his family in the holocaust and was arrested for fighting segregation during the civil rights era, to apologize to black people for not supporting them enough. Like any hard core radical, the only thing consistent about Johnson is her militancy. Militancy is rarely about a particular cause, but rather a way of self identifying through tribalism and a sign of serious emotional instability.

There are many highly embarrassing public examples of this - Peter Hitchens (brother of Christopher Hitchens) was an avowed Marxist while in college, and now writes disgustingly right wing opinion columns for Britain's Daily Mail newspaper. Carey Wedler, one of the original 'Obama girls' converted to hardcore Rand Paul libertarianism when the President didn't live up to her expectations.

Marissa Johnson was most likely enamored with Sarah Palin's feisty, Christian fundamentalist brand as an insecure teenager, grew out of it and now self identifies with a movement that is almost diametrically opposed to everything Palin stands for. As reminder, Sarah Palin has been sharing the following type of racist images on facebook:


There should be a degree of sensitivity when attacking people for their teenage political beliefs, but Johnson lost any right to anonymity and public scrutiny the moment she attempted to turn a serious cause into a publicity stunt to feed her immature narcissism. Johnson might think she cares deeply about the Black Lives Matter movement - just as she probably did about Sarah Palin's political ideology. To a degree she probably does care about police brutality and racism, but not as much as she cares about herself.