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Astonishing Temperatures Reached in Iran, Yet Global Warming Apparently Still a Conspiracy

Don't worry, Ted Cruz says "it ain't happening", so we should be fine!
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According to certain Republicans, the fact that it snows sometimes in America means global warming must be a liberal conspiracy. Yet global temperatures keep rising, on chart to make half  the planet uninhabitable for humans in the not to distant future while helping eradicate much of the world's species at an astonishing rate.

While isolated cases of extreme heat aren't necessarily definitive proof of global warming, the temperatures reached in Iran over the past few weeks are cause for serious alarm. From the Washington Post:

On Friday, Bandar Mahshahr, Iran registered an air temperature of 115 degrees and a dew point of 90, an extraordinarily rare combination of heat and humidity. The resulting heat index – a measure of what the air feels like – hit 165 degrees, the second highest we have ever seen reported, although official records for heat index are not maintained.

Combined with the fact that Antartica has recently had its hottest temperatures ever recorded, and in 2015, five nations or regions have tied or set all-time records for their highest temperature in their respective recorded history, it looks fairly clear humans are on the brink of a very, very serious ecological disaster.

No matter though, climate savant Ted Cruz has promised us there is nothing to worry about, so it should be fine.