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America Needs a Holographic Jon Stewart

Let's make this happen.
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michael jon stewart

Last year at the Billboard Music Awards, Michael Jackson made a comeback in the form of a holograph. Despite it costing millions of dollars to produce, the performance was a great success and generated an incredible amount of attention. The video below has almost 42 million views:

If we can bring back a dead pop star to perform live, then would it not be a good idea to start a crowdfunding effort to bring back Jon Stewart to host The Daily Show? We don't need him to come up with original content, he just needs to be there, every day, talking to America. Some other clever tech person could come up with a simple 'Jon Stewart quote' generator and a voice mimicry program, and voila: Jon Stewart is back!

The truth is, America is now entering a dark place without Stewart's daily national psychotherapy sessions, so we need to get creative. Post your suggestions below - all ideas are welcome.

UPDATE: Apparently John Oliver had the same idea several months ago. If John Oliver thinks it's a good idea, then it has to happen.