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Donald Trump Is Of Course Calling Megyn Kelly a Bimbo on Twitter Again

So much for the cease fire.
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Since the entire notion of an ongoing Donald Trump presidential campaign probably has you on handfuls of Xanax, you might have already forgotten his obnoxious rant against Fox News's Megyn Kelly a couple of weeks ago. If that's the case, good news: Trump is taking the opportunity of Kelly's return to the air tonight after a 10-day vacation to once again remind you that A) he's still sore Kelly had the balls to nail him hard during the first Republican presidential debate, and B) he's a fucking douchebag.

Behold, the bored child who's currently the dominating force within the Republican party.

And of course, the obvious retweet from somebody who knows exactly what to say to get a digital high-five from Trump.

It'll be interesting to see whether this latest outburst voids the nonaggression treaty between Trump and Fox News that was the subject of so much media attention a couple of weeks back. To be honest, it was always a shit deal for Roger Ailes given that there was no chance Trump would allow anyone to muzzle or control him, but at the very least Fox News got to stay on the side of its audience's new inamorato, which would keep the ratings rolling in.

It's really shocking, though, how willing Ailes has been to throw Megyn Kelly to the wolves in all of this. She's his big, bright shining star and he's thoroughly sold her out for a pompous buffoon who should -- if tradition is anything to go by -- be kissing Fox News's ass up and down right now. Ailes not only chose Trump over Kelly, he's personally dangling Kelly like a piñata in front of Trump for his pleasure, which is difficult to fathom when you consider that Fox News's unwillingness to tolerate the criticism of outsiders is the stuff of legend.

By now Ailes should've unleashed the pit bulls within his media relations department and Donald Trump should be nothing more than a meat-free skeleton. And yet Trump keeps right on lobbing sexist insults at Kelly because of something she did in her official capacity as a Fox News host and Ailes just bends his entire network over in silent submission, no doubt telling Kelly especially to keep her mouth shut and take one for the team.

It would've been impossible to imagine in years past considering how the network represented the ring any Republican candidate had to kiss on his way to being competitive for the White House, but Donald Trump now owns Fox News. As far as Trump is concerned, he's more powerful than Roger Ailes. And if Ailes doesn't stand up for Megyn Kelly immediately and unequivocally, it will prove he's right.