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Desperate Ted Cruz is Enlisting Idiotic Evangelists in War Against Planned Parenthood

If you are a Republican being soundly thrashed in the polls by a reality tv star who closely resembles an Orangutan, there is only one strategy to fall back on to claw your way back into the race: go to the religious crazies.
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If you are a Republican being soundly thrashed in the polls by a reality tv star who closely resembles an Orangutan, there is only one strategy to fall back on to claw your way back into the race: go to the religious crazies.

This strategy was utilized to great effect by George W. Bush's re-election campaign in 2004 when Karl Rove figured out anti gay bigots could sway the election and convinced millions of evangelicals that a constitutional amendment was the only way to stop gays from marrying. It isn't intelligent and it sure isn't moral, particularly if you no intention of doing anything about it. But, it has a chance of working.

Cruz, who is losing badly to Trump in a very one sided primary so far, is launching an absurd 50-state campaign in order to end taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood. Cruz is inviting 100,000 pastors to take part in a conference call on Tuesday of this week in order to talk strategy about how to defund the organization.

In an email published by CBN News, Cruz wrote the following message to his would be armada of bible thumping evangelicals:

Dear Pastor,

The recent exposure of Planned Parenthood's barbaric practices of harvesting the body parts of innocent babies and selling them to the highest bidder has brought about a pressing need to end tax payer support of this institution.

As the son of a pastor, I know you bear a high and holy calling on your lives. I am urging you to confront this evil in our nation by praying and preaching with an unbridled passion until funding for Planned Parenthood ends, and this barbaric practice is purged from the land.

Over the next two weeks, with the support of your prayers and the impact of your preaching, I intend to lead an effort to end taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood.

The battle we face is not political. It is spiritual. To enter this arena in a prayerless condition invites failure.  May I ask...

1.    Join me for a Pastors Conference Call on August 25th  to hear how you can be a part of this effort.

2. Preach a message on August 30th calling on your people to enter into this spiritual battle for the soul of their nation.

3. Lead your people in a "Day of Prayer and Fasting" on September 9th as thousands of churches call on God, during their Wednesday night services, to move in the hearts of men and women in government to vote to end the slaughter of the innocents.

These days are challenging. Those who have faced similar challenges did so with the courage of their convictions. When Esther was called to stand on behalf of her people, she was reminded that her life was not her own, and that God had placed her at a critical point in history do be an instrument for the protection of the innocent. May we be found as faithful as she, "For such a time as this."

God bless America and God bless America's pastors as they lead the way to the healing of this nation.

Senator Ted Cruz

To be clear (for the millionth time), Planned Parenthood does not 'trade' dead baby parts, and it has done NOTHING illegal.  This is a point worth making again, again and again. It is a bullshit lie spread by a fraudulent 'company' and propagated by desperate Republicans looking for email addresses to help boost their Presidential campaigns (yes, it really is that cynical).

Cruz's latest scheme is particularly nauseating given the lie has been so thoroughly exposed, and it threatens to further fracture the American political landscape by activating a demographic that has done immense damage to public discourse and progressive policy over the years. American evangelicals have traditionally been non-political, a very good thing given their beliefs aren't exactly tolerant of gays, science or women. Cruz wants them to engaged in politics for one purpose, and that is to beat Donald Trump in a contest he hasn't been performing well in.

There's a good chance this strategy won't help beat Trump, but it means the issue will play a role in the general election. Whichever Republican gets through will almost certainly take Cruz's lead and try to incorporate a virulent anti-women's rights platform, and all at the expense of real women's health care.