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Surprise! Multiple Investigations of Planned Parenthood Show No Wrong Doing

What a surprise!
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Well there's a surprise. Despite an orchestrated smear campaign and by fundamentalist organizations and virtually every Republican running for President, The Department of Health and Human Services have found no violations of fetal tissue laws when it comes to tissue obtained from nonprofits. In a letter obtained by Politico, assistant secretary for legislation at HHS, Jim Esquea, wrote to Senators Joni Ernst and Roy Blunt, Esqua saying:

“Currently, we know of no violation of these laws in connection with the research done at our agencies.... Furthermore … we have confirmed that HHS researchers working with fetal tissue obtained the tissue from non-profit organizations that provided assurances to us that they are in compliance with all applicable legal requirements."

According to the Huffington Post there have also been probes in Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, and South Dakota, all of which have found absolutely no wrong doing by Planned Parenthood affiliates and have been, "in full compliance with the law."

Of course this won't stop GOP candidates from shamelessly using it as an issue to shore up the evangelical vote, despite the fact that there is no issue, and never has been one in the first place.