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Shep Smith Goes Wildly Off Message, Slams Coca Cola and Climate Change Deniers

Sadly, Smith's truth telling is newsworthy because it comes from a network dedicated to doing the exact opposite.
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Shep Smith, one of the very few sane people at Fox News probably didn't run this one past the bosses. In a segment discussing the New York Timesrevelation that Coca-Cola is funding scientists who dispute the link between how many calories you eat and how obese you become, Smith not only compared Coca Cola's highly misleading strategy to the tobacco industry's storied history of funding dubious science , but linked it to climate change denial.

"We rely on science, most of us, to to know what the facts are so that we can make decisions for ourselves, and our families," Smith said to Fox contributor Lisa Montgomery.

"[The Coca Cola story] reminds you of exactly what the tobacco industry did back in day, and more recently, it also reminds you of what the climate deniers, the climate change deniers, are doing as well."

Before you adjust your sets, yes, you are watching Fox News - a giant media corporation that only exists to help corporations and Republicans maintain power in America. Smith's hugely dangerous truth telling will surely have ramifications from his higher ups who stand to lose millions of dollars if he keeps this type of communistic nonsense up.

What Smith should have said is this:

"Isn't it wonderful that we cover two sides of the story here at Fox News? Liberals and scientists claim that obesity is linked to consumption of sugar, but the corporations selling us sugar have shown us otherwise! We all know how biased liberals are, so thank God for Coca Cola."

It really is extraordinary that in this day and age you can pay scientists to come out with 'evidence' that contradicts something a three year old could tell was nonsense. The fact is, too many calories make people gain weight. Yes, lack of exercise is also linked to obesity, but empty calories like sugar have an incredibly toxic effect on the human body, particularly as it relates to weight gain. This is self evident, just as inhaling smoke filled with carcinogens isn't good for your lungs, and pumping heat trapping CO2  into the atmosphere raises the temperature of the planet.

Sadly, Smith's truth telling is newsworthy because it comes from a network dedicated to doing the exact opposite.

Either way, bravo Shep - just remember to meter honesty out slowly - your audience needs a lot of time to absorb it.