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Desperate Ted Cruz Tells Obama 'Stop Financing Radical Islamic Terrorism!'

Like a little kid recycling a wisecrack for company, Ted Cruz took his desperate bid for attention to the Redstate gathering, and accused President Obama of financing radical Islamic terrorism.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) failed to distinguish himself at Thursday night's Republican presidential primary debate, but at least he's still got Kenya. In an increasingly desperate bid for attention, Ted Cruz took to the stage of what appears to be the Redstate Gathering/Tribute to Low-Budget 70s Sci-Fi Sets to relive the glorious moment that President Obama included him in a response to a question. Then, like a little kid recycling a naughty wisecrack when company comes over, Cruz renewed his accusation that the Iran deal will make President Obama the "leading funder of state-sponsored terrorism," but with a dash of hot sauce:

"If President Obama doesn't like the rhetoric, that he should stop being the world's leading global financier of radical Islamic terrorism, then he should stop financing radical Islamic terrorism!"

Cruz is referring to the tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief that Iran will get as part of the deal, which is Iran's own money. Maybe Donald Trump can explain to Cruz what "financier" means, and maybe someone else can explain that if the U.S. walks away from the deal, all of the international sanctions will fall apart.

Of course, facts aren't really the point, they never are with Republicans.