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Republicans in New Hampshire De-fund a Third of Planned Parenthood's Budget

Once again, life saving non-abortion-related healthcare de-funded by the Republicans.
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Earlier this week, Bobby Jindal chose to block all Medicaid funds from going to Louisiana Planned Parenthood facilities even though none of the Planned Parenthood locations in his state provide abortion services. In other words, he's simply blocking Medicaid recipients from receiving contraception, which prevents abortions, as well as from receiving cancer screenings and other life saving treatments. Yet Bobby Jindal hilarious self-identifies as "pro-life."

And today, New Hampshire Republicans voted to block $650,000 in state funds to Planned Parenthood earmarked strictly for non-abortion services.

By a 3-2 vote, the state’s Republican-controlled Executive Council rejected $650,000 in state funds for Planned Parenthood, which represents about a third of its annual budget, WMUR reported.

GOP councilor Chris Sununu said that he voted against the funding based on recently-released videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing fetal tissue donation practices. Although Planned Parenthood’s New Hampshire organization does not accept tissue donations, Sununu said that the state should be investigating the group instead of funding it.

Once again, life saving non-abortion-related healthcare de-funded by the Republicans.

Let this be a lesson. When the Republicans say they'll repeal Obamacare, they have absolutely no intention of replacing it with anything. Likewise, they're actively crippling Planned Parenthood while refusing to fund other healthcare services to replace the services that will, if they have their way, cease to exist. Again, they hilariously fancy themselves to be "pro-life." That's rich.