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Jon Stewart's Last Week on The Daily Show Begins With an Absolutely Brutal Takedown of Fox News

"Adios, motherfuckers!"
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On Thursday, Jon Stewart will leave us. He'll step down from his post at The Daily Show and walk into the bright future, one mercifully free of having to give even a single fuck about anything Fox News has to say. He gets to live a life devoid of the punishing absurdity of modern politics and the 24-hour-a-day news cycle -- and he's earned it.

But before he goes, he's still got four days left to remind us why he's made himself a national treasure over the past 16 years and four days left to hold absolutely nothing back against the albatross that's hung around his neck -- and, really, the neck of our entire nation -- since the day he first walked into the Daily Show studio. And so tonight Jon Stewart again took aim at Fox News and unleashed a blistering attack, calling the channel out for its idiocy, hypocrisy and toxicity. Maybe there's nothing really new about what Stewart is saying and doing, it's simply that with the knowledge that his powerful takedowns of Fox News are coming to an end they seem so much more visceral and vital. But to be honest it truly does feel like he's just ripped the gloves off in these final days because, well, why the hell not?

On Monday night, his last Monday ever on the show, he tore into Fox's recent, juvenile claims that he's an Obama "propagandist."

"Your hypocrisy isn't a bug in the Fox model. It's the feature. Your job is to discredit any source of criticism that might hurt the conservative brand by angrily holding them to standards you yourself jettisoned in your news network's mission statement. But I'd be happy to listen if you make an actual argument. My hunch is this show's been harder on the Obama administration and this president, per capita, than you ever were in your eight years of Bush finger-banging. Though I imagine you won't get around to verifying that since you're probably working on getting back to us about those 50 Fox lies in six seconds we tossed up a while ago. Oh, and one more question: how's it motherfuckin' taste?! Adios, motherfuckers!"

What are we possibly gonna do without him?

(h/t Mediaite/Comedy Central)