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Watch This Texas Guy Mercilessly Parody the "Jade Helm 15" Conspiracy Nuts

Beware! The Knights Templar are here and they've brought ninjas that can take our guns!
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Sometimes it feels like we're living in an age where satire isn't even possible anymore. That's because Poe's Law is now the law of the land and it's therefore impossible to tell parody from the craziness it's meant to satirize. Case in point: How can you possible send up people who legitimately believe that beginning this week the U.S. military will engage in an armed takeoverof the state of Texas? You can't make that kind of shit funnier or more insane than it already is.

On the other hand, there's no way to respond to something as utterly divorced from reality as this with anything besides mockery. This gentleman from San Angelo, Texas seems to know that, because the video clip he uploaded to YouTube a couple of days ago -- in which he breathlessly points out some sinister goings on at a local Sam's Club, including the arrival of a fence, a black tarp and a metal container that might hold "ninjas that can take our guns" -- is a creation of rare beauty. The great thing about it is that, as with all good satire, it's so dead-on that a lot of people in the comments section of the clip think he's serious.

Although, given what we've all seen recently, who the hell can really say with any certainty he isn't serious?

By the way, it's really nice to be reminded that not everyone in Texas is a drooling reactionary lunatic.