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This Interactive Map Shows all the Mass Shooting in America Since 1966

When do Americans finally say enough is enough?
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The tragic shooting in Louisiana that saw two innocent people killed in a movie theater, several injured and the gunman dead, is another statistic in the never ending list of those murdered by firearms in America.


John Russell Houser: Killed himself and two people in a Louisiana movie theater

Of course, it isn't just another statistic - it is a tragedy and a deeply personal loss of life to the communities affected by the senseless killings. But it is important to get a sense of just how frequent these mass shootings are, and the statistics paint a terrifying picture of an out of control nation plagued with an epidemic of gun violence. This interactive map, created by Stanford University, gives an overview of many of the mass shootings in America from 1966 to present. It is truly, truly scary:

The argument that guns don't kill people can no longer be justified. No other nation on earth suffers these tragedies, and that is because they strictly regulate gun ownership.

So when do Americans finally say enough is enough?