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This Absolute Evisceration of Pixels Is the Greatest Movie Review You Will Ever See

Watch this immediately.
Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.58.50 PM

Pixels is almost certainly going to suck. I say "almost certainly" because I haven't seen it yet, nor do I intend to. But thankfully, YouTube movie critic "Movie Bob" has because his ten-minute-long review of the newest, apparently laziest Adam Sandler vehicle -- a movie that's clearly aimed at finally wearing the nostalgia center of your brain down to a bloody nub -- is so wonderful it almost makes the existence of Pixels that he so passionately bemoans worth it.

Seriously, watching this clip is like -- well, I could come up with some outlandish and mildly clever comparison, but my creativity would immediately be laid waste by everything you're about to see.

Gods bless you, Movie Bob.