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Rand Paul Thinks Being a Libertarian is Like Being a Minority

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The poor persecuted son of a white millionaire, Rand Paul knows what it is like to be a minority in America. How so, you might ask? Well, Paul is a libertarian who believes the government shouldn't redistribute wealth, and power should be in the hands of giant corporations who are inherently better than government because they are private. This belief makes him a minority, and therefore a kindred spirit to those who have gone through racial discrimination, prejudice, police violence, slavery and genocide. Tweeted the 2016 Presidential hopeful at a Chopper's sports bar near Cherry Creek Mall in Colorado today:

It is important to understand that all those people standing with Rand in the sports bar are indeed a minority because they share the same fervent belief in free markets and corporate power. Just think about the daily discrimination and lack of job opportunities white libertarian men have to contend with!

Forget #BlackLivesMatter, just #StandWithRand because persecuted corporate power needs your help.