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My Epic Debate With Hallucinating Conservatives

Watch Banter Editor in Chief Ben Cohen duke it out with hallucinating conservatives.
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I was on the Thom Hartmann show last night with Conservative Commentator Horace Cooper, and Attorney and Senior Fellow-National Center for Public Policy Research and Libertarian Charles Sauer, an Economist and President of The Market Institute. We discussed the Warren-McCain sponsored bill to bring back Glass-Steagall, Texas writing slavery out of their text books and Marco Rubio's education plan that includes private investment in individual students.

It was one of the more heated debates I've been in on the show, and even the zen like Thom ripped into his guests for literally making stuff up. Amongst other Cooper and Sauer argued that the poor were responsible for the financial crash in 2008, Californians will demand Transgenderism be taught in schools, and that the Obama Administration has targeted anyone admitting donating to the Republican Party. All of this is of course utter nonsense, and I did my best to call them out for propagating outright lies

Check it out below: