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Looking At This New Video, How the F*ck Is Caitlyn Jenner Not in Jail Right Now?

A new video clip was released today that shows the crash Caitlyn Jenner was involved in back in February. It's pretty devastating.
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The police explained the crash, even drawing diagrams to help make it simpler to understand. But it takes actually seeing it with your own eyes to really get an idea what happened. And when you do that, the big question you're left with is -- how in the hell has Caitlyn Jenner managed to escape arrest?

A new video clip was released today, first by Entertainment Tonight and later in a more complete form by TMZ, that shows the crash Jenner was involved in back in February. She was driving north on the Pacific Coast Highway in a black Cadillac Escalade, towing a vehicle behind her, when she hit a white Lexus in front of her, pushing that car into the path of an oncoming Hummer. A 69-year-old woman was in the Lexus and was killed when the front of the car basically blew to pieces on impact. After the first rear-end collision, Jenner continued forward and plowed into the back of another car -- a Prius. You see all of this on the recording: Jenner hitting the first car, causing it to veer into the fast-approaching Hummer, then hitting the car that was right in front of that one. She hits two fucking cars from behind, killing one driver.

According to the police, Jenner wasn't texting and her vehicle was legal. They're expected to wrap up their investigation this month but not expected to file any kind of charges, despite the fact that, again, she rear-ended two cars and killed a driver. L.A. County is infamous for treating celebrities with kid gloves when they break the law. This is a town where you can kill somebody with your car and the world won't even know about it until your publicist confirms it a month later; where you can almost surely shoot your wife or maybe gut her and a friend like a fish and get off clean; where you can be a legitimate menace to society on the roads and off and escape any real punishment again and again and again. The rules are different here when you're famous. (When you're just some regular doof, don't even think about getting away with anything; the justice system here is basically a giant ATM for the city and state.) Sure, Jenner is being sued by both the driver of the Prius and the family of the dead woman -- and both will probably walk away with a fortune -- but the last time I checked it was a crime to kill somebody, even accidentally and even in a car.

Certainly, the crash did little to derail Caitlyn Jenner's big coming out. Both her "Farewell, Bruce" interview with Diane Sawyer and her "Call Me Caitlyn" debut in Vanity Fair happened in the wake of the incident. But whether her intention was to hurt anybody -- and I think it's safe to assume it wasn't -- the crash still appears to be her mostly if not entirely her fault. Shouldn't she be held criminally responsible if it's shown that she slammed into a woman and sent her to her death? I don't have a dog in this fight one way or the other, but I know that if I were related to the person who was killed, I'd be screaming bloody murder right now. Or at least manslaughter.