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Watch Rick Perry's Hilarious Debate Preview Brain Fart

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has thus far been the on;y Republican presidential candidate who's shown a willingness to step up and attack Donald Trump, but if his performance Thursday morning is any indication, it's going to be a long debate for Perry.

The stakes for next week's first Republican presidential debate are fairly high for everyone involved, as frontrunner Donald Trump seeks to break things wide open, and everyone else prays they can slow him down.

The stakes are arguably highest, though, for Rick Perry, who not only has to make good on his nascent feud with Trump, but also needs to live down the worst debate humiliation in history. This is Bill Buckner at Fenway times TEN BILLION. On Thursday morning, Perry gave voters something of a preview when he fielded a softball among softballs from the crew at MSNBC's Morning Joe, and started buffering like Newt Gingrich's YouPorn app at a Saudia Arabian hotel. All he had to do was name something that Congressional Republicans have done well:

What are Boehner and McConnell doing well now?

"I think they're working towards getting some... (audible whirring and clicking) ...getting some financial things headed in the right direction, making some, you know, reductions in spending. Getting these agencies... but the fact is that American people don't really see Washington, whether it's Congress or whether it's the President, addressing the solutions that are facing this country."

A lot has happened since Perry's 2011 "Oops!" moment, but apparently, not enough. Rick Perry may look like Tina Fey now, but he still talks like Sarah Palin. If this is the best he can do against a friendly groove pitch, I don't give much for his chances against Donald Trump.