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The Sam Dubose Shooting Video is Really, Really Bad

This does not look good for Ray Tensing.
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Obviously in America, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but the video of University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing shooting Sam Dubose is pretty definitive. Dubose, an African-American, was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, then question for several minutes by Tensing. Dubose was asked to undo his seat belt and get out of the car by Tensing, who had already begun to open the car door. Dubose resisted by trying to pull the door shut, and was promptly shot in the head. While the actual shot to the head is blurred the video is absolutely horrifying (it occurs at the 1:54 mark):

The city of Cincinnati has apparently been preparing for riots previous to the release of this video, and for good reason. It is hard to imagine any plausible defense for Tensing's despicable abuse of power. Thankfully, Tensing is being indicted for murder, after charges were filed today by Hamilton Country Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters.

Stay tuned for more.