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Convicted Felon Dinesh D'Souza Now Tweeting Out Homophobic and Racist Slurs to Save Career

For an apparently highly educated man, D'Souza displays the emotionally maturity of a teenage internet troll.
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Convicted felon and fraudster Dinesh D'Souza is having a hard time after being handed a eight month sentence in a halfway house, community service, and a $30,000 fine after being found guilty of a serious campaign-finance violation. According to a profile piece in Vanity Fair, D'Souza now spends much of his time mixing with the people he hates (poor people and immigrants), and seething against 'B. Hussein Obama', the man he believes unfairly targeted him for political retribution. D'Souza is also desperately peddling his hilariously stupid documentaryAmerica to unsuspecting college students and attempting to rebuild his name by getting involved in more religious and political propaganda projects.

Having perfect the technique of being a horribly racist dick to gain attention, D'Souza is using tried and tested measures to put himself back in the spotlight. However, by looking at his twitter timeline, you can see the sad desperation of a man who knows he is no longer relevant to mainstream discourse. Here was D'Souza's contribution to the gay rights issue Obama brought up while on his visit to Kenya:

Given the fact that gays in Kenya are routinely subjected to brutal killings and horrendous discrimination, D'Souza's comments could not be more offensive or dehumanizing. As the gay rights movement sweeps America and the rest of the world, attaching himself to extreme homophobia isn't exactly the most intelligent strategy either, but then we are talking about a man who believes the President is helping to create a Islamic Caliphate in America.    More bizarrely, D'Souza seems to have forgotten his core audience (angry, fundamentalist white people) and has been tweeting out casual racial slurs. Here he was on the completely debunked smear book on the Clintons "Clinton Cash":

The more you delve into D'Souza's social media presence, the weirder it gets. Here is his picking on Obama as a 10 year old child:

And then comparing Hillary Clinton to the wife of serial rapist Bill Cosby:  

For an apparently highly educated man, D'Souza displays the emotionally maturity of a teenage internet troll, mad at the world and mad because no one serious takes him seriously. D'Souza is mightily impressed with the number of his social media followers, but just as Buzzfeed gets billions of clicks, no one really gives a shit what they have to say.