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Obama Lectured Kenya on Gay Rights Because He's a Muslim Who Hates America

Makes total sense.
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During his historic visit to Kenya, President Obama took the opportunity to delicately lace criticism in with his otherwise diplomatic remarks to the people of his ancestral homeland. Standing alongside Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at a joint press conference, Obama told the Kenyan people:

As somebody who has family in Kenya and knows the history of how the country so often is held back because women and girls are not treated fairly, I think those same values apply when it comes to different sexual orientations.

Obama was of course referring to Kenya's deeply homophobic laws that forbid homosexuality and punishes same sex sexual acts as crimes. The President continued, telling his hosts that, "the state should not discriminate against people for their sexual orientation," and that as an African American, he was “painfully aware of the history when people are treated differently under the law.”

"That's the path whereby freedoms begin to erode and bad things happen," Obama continued. "When a government gets in the habit of treating people differently, those habits can spread."

During his speech, Obama also urged Kenya to fight political corruption, pledged US support in developing its economy and business culture, and stated that he would work more closely with Kenya in its battle against Somalia’s Islamist group al Shabaab.

This is of course because Obama is a Muslim communist who hates America:

Makes total sense!